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Main Features

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The plant is located in the municipality of Villena, Alicante, one of the areas with the highest radiation levels in the Iberian peninsula.


Longitude 0 º 55 'W
Latitude 38 º 43 'N

The site is located between major infrastructures such as the A-31 and the N-334 (National Roadways,) the AVE Madrid-Alicante (High Speed Rail System), and Alicante Penitentiary #2. To the east of the facility runs CV-656 road from which access to the plant is available.

The facility is located southwest of CV-656 to the Casa Conejo - Ermita del Pilar, and therefore, outside of the ecological protected area north east of the plant (ZEPA Els Alforins).

View map of the GVA display on protected areas.

Parabolic trough solar technology

  • The central solar field consists of rows of parabolic mirrors.
  • The mirrors concentrate sunlight on a receiver tube.
  • The thermal oil flowing through the receiver act as a heat transfer.
  • A heat exchanger produces high temperature steam that drives a turbine which generates electricity.


Key figures(*)

  • Installed Power: 49.9 MW

  • Net production of electricity: 100,000,000 kWh / year

  • Total plant area: 1,300,000 m2

  • Technology: Parabolic troughs.

  • Collector measurements:150 m long and 5.7 m wide

  • Steam temperature: 370 ° C

  • Gross investment: 225 million euros

  • Complement to Primary Energy: Biomass ** - GLP


*  Data according to Basic Engineering Project.

** Hybridization of solar energy with Biomass is an innovative concept. The solar thermal   power plants, in connection with a heat accumulator can be used continuously, especially if you opt for a hybrid operation combined with other conventional energy carriers (gas) and renewable (biomass).

The power plant is capable of supplying electricity to the entire region of Alto Vinalopó.
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