CEME 1 is located in the municipality of María Elena, in the Atacama desert in Chile. It was originally developed as a hybrid solar plant, with CSP and PV technology. In June 2019, after years of development, Enerstar América sold its stake in CEME 1 to GM Renawables, who redesigned the project as a pure 480 MW PV plant. Currently under construction..

Enerstar Villena

Enerstar Villena. A Solar Thermal Power Plant of 49.9 MW of nominal power, using parabolic trough collector technology, located in Villena, Alicante, Spain. The project was acquired by FCC Energía in 2011 and is in commercial operation since February 2014. The current owner of the plant is the group Plenium Partners..
Enerstar Solar Thermal Project S.A. · C.I.F A97805568
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