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In June 2005 the Enerstar team began the development and promotion of the 49.9 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant project in Villena, Spain now known as Enerstar Villena SA.

In April 2009 Enerstar was joined by FCC Energy which provided the decisive impetus for the completion of the developing phase. Thus, in December 2009, the project (Enerstar Villena SA) obtained registration in the Special Regime of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Earth-moving work on the Enerstar Villena CSP plant began in August, 2011.


The constructions works finalized on October 2013.


Today de power plant is connected to the national electrical grid and in commercial operations.


Project Timeline:

  • September 2005 - Presentation of the project at all local, regional, national and community government levels.

  • November 2005 – Project granted the Special Regime, as per Royal Decree 436/2004.

  • September 2006 - The project receives interconnection point to the electrical distribution network.

  • November 2006 - All land affected by the installation is contracted for 25+ years.

  • January 2007 - Line of credit to finance the project is established.

  • August 2007 - Constitution of bank guarantee established by Royal Decree 661/2007.

  • January 2008 – Water rights granted to the project by the Confederacion Hidrografica del Júcar (local water commission agency.)

  • April 2008 – New investor group joins project.

  • April 2008 - Engineering contract signed

  • May 2008 - New agreement reached with the City of Villena.

  • July 2008 - Environmental Impact Study (DIA) is rendered favorable

  • August 2008 - Declaration of Community Interest (DIC) is granted.

  • March 2009 – The Department of Industry for the Valencian Community (GVA) grants project Administrative Authoriization.

  • April 2009 – Construction permit granted by the City of Villena.

  • April 2009 – FCC Energy joins the project, Enerstar Villena.

  • December 2009 – Enerstar Villena obtains registry in the pre-allocation of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

  • September 2010 - Approval of the technical implementation project.

  • August 2011 – FCC Industrial begins work on the plant.

  • November  2011 - FCC Energy acquires 100% equity of Enerstar Villena, SA.

  • May 2012 - Installations of the first parabollic through colector.

  • July 2012 - Power Block construction starts

  • January  2013 -  Interconnection line 132 kV Alhorines-Beneixama finalized.

  • Octuber 2013 - Construction works completed.

  • November 2013 - The plant starts commercial operations and is inscribed in the registry of installations of the special regime (RAIPRE).

Project development started in year 2005. In 2011 FCC Energy acquired 100% of Enerstar Villena, S.A. and ground breaking phase of construction began. Construction works finalized on October 2013. The plant is in commercial operation since February 2014. The current owner of the plant is the group Plenium Partners.
Enerstar Solar Thermal Project S.A. · C.I.F A97805568
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