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Socioeconomic benefits

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  • CSP creates jobs.

According to the Spanish CSP Industry Association, PROTERMOSOLAR, solar thermal power plants generate a large number of jobs since the start of construction to commissioning.

Each of the more than 40 plants of 50 MW built in Spain in recent years employed throughout their different phases (design, manufacturing of components and installation) an average of 5,000 jobs (direct and indirect). Many of these jobs are highly skilled.

In addition, each of these 50 MW plants built in Spain employed some 2,000 people in the installation site during the two years that lasted construction. Once in operation an avarage plant of 50 MW employs approximately 50 employees during all its life (25 years and more).

  • CSP Reduces external dependence for energy supply.

The generation of electricity through CSP technology prevents the import of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, etc.) from third countries thereby helping to reduce dependence on foreign energy.

  • R & D + innovation

Investments in CSP technology , and in general in any type of renewable energy technology, are normally accompanied by an increase in R&D activities and innovations.


  • Sustainability and Economic growth are fully compatible


A recent report by the International Energy Agency found that in 2014, global gross domestic product grew 3 percent, while carbon dioxide emissions flatlined. Historically, economic growth has paralleled the growth in fossil fuel emissions

CSP technoloy generates jobs, reduces foreing dependence for energy supply and encourages investment in R & D. Sustainability and economic growth are fully compatible
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