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Enerstar is a renewable energy development group with an international vocation. It consists of different partners with the technology and financial know-how within the field of new energies and, more specifically, concentrating solar energy and biogas.

Enerstar is the original promotor and developer of the only CSP plant in the Valencian Community, Spain. This project was acquired by the company FCC Energy in 2011. Construction of the 49.9 MW Enerstar Villena power plant finished in October 2013 and the plant is now in commercial operation.

Currently Enerstar is developing and promoting other CSP projects in Spain and abroad. The most advanced project now is the solar thermal power plant called CEME1, in Maria Elena, province of Antofagasta, Chile.

The Enerstar Group creates value for its shareholders by developing energy projects from green field through construction from initial consultation, through planning and technical studies, to approvals from central and local governments, until completion of construction and commissioning of a facility.

Despite the economic, technological, and regulatory uncertainty we face in the short-term in some markets, we are confident in the viability of our business in the long term.

Today, the Enerstar Group is able to successfully develop renewable energy projects anywhere in the world because we credit a series of competitive advantages:

• Thorough knowledge of the CSP and Biogas industry and market.

• Proven experience in the development of important energy projects.

• A multidisciplinary international development team.

• Worked with the most experienced companies and industries in CSP.

With over 8 years of experience in solar thermal project management, Enerstar also offers consulting services to other energy companies to develop solar thermal projects in Spain and abroad.

At present the Group consists of Enerstar Solar Thermal Project, S.A. (holding company); Enerstar America, S.p.A. and Enerstar Osuna, S.L.


A promoter for renewable energy projects with a multidisciplinary and international team
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