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The global energy model is unsustainable and highly polluting. This model is based on the use of non-renewable primary energy sources such as petroleum and its derivatives, natural gas, coal, etc... Experts estimate that at current rates of exploitation, these resources will eventually be depleted in 30 to 50 years.

Parallel global energy demand by the year 2050 is expected to be two times the energy consumed today. It should also be noted in the world today there are still over 2 billion people who lack access to electricity. According to experts, nuclear energy has a number of social and environmental problems difficult to solve and fissile elements are also non-renewable resources.

The economic problems due to the depletion of fossil fuel reserves or the accelerating of global demand, add to those related to environmental degradation.



Over the past 150 years, with an energy model inherited from the industrial revolution and based mainly on fossil fuels, the world has released into the atmosphere and oceans a huge amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

This situation started to change in recent years with intensive development of Renewable Energies around the world, but still there is a long way to go.

Renewable energy technologies have experienced remarkable progress on the last few years and the cost of electricity generation using renewable sources has fallen substantially. Today, in many places of the world, wind farms and solar parks are cost competitive with conventional fossil power plants.

Enerstar keeps strongly committed to renewable energy and specifically to solar thermal energy, as a real alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

The Global Energy Model is unsustainable and highly polluting. Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency can change for good this situation.
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