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“CEME1 SpA, a Joint Venture between Enerstar América and a group of Chilean private investors, has initiated the administrative process to obtain environmental approval for CSP Plant CEME1”

The project "Planta Solar CEME1" enters the Chilean Environmental Impact Assessment System

14 diciembre 2015

The project, located in the community of María Elena, in the Chilean Atacama dessert, consists of a solar thermal power plant of 70 MWe, with parabolic through technology and thermal storage, together with a Photovoltaic Plant of similar power.

Both plants share common infrastructures, promoting better manageability of the thermal unit.

The electricity generated, which will exceed 650 GWh/year, will be evacuated through a power transmission line about 10 km long, connected to the electrical substation of Mirage.

The estimated total investment of the project is US $ 600 million.

Enerstar expects the plant to be financed in a project-finance modality with the involvement of national and international investment funds and public and privete banks.

The plant is to start commercial operation in the first half of 2020.

Other news

CEME1 Solar Plant receives green light from environmental authority

27 diciembre 2016

The Environmental Impact Assessment System publishes the favorable Environmental Resolution (RCA) of CEME1 Solar Plant

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