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“The company studies hybridizing the CSP Plant in Maria Elena with other renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaics.”

Enerstar will update the design of its CSP plant in Atacama

13 febrero 2015

The marked and continuous decline in installation costs experienced by the solar photovoltaic technology in recent years, and uncertainties still not clarified in the supply of natural gas in Chile, have led the company to rethink the configuration of its CSP Plant in Maria Elena.

Thus, Enerstar has launched a new conceptual engineering study that will examine the technical and economic feasibility of a model plant using solar radiation as primary energy resource, combining a solar thermal power plant (CSP) of approximately 70 MW, with a photovoltaic park (PV) of similar power.

In turn, the study aims to optimize various parameters of the CSP plant in order to improve overall plant performance.

To do so it is required:

1. Working with higher temperatures
2. Using a biodegradable fluid, such as nitrate salts, replacing the thermal oil
3. Achieving greater modularity
4. Save on water consumption
5. Optimize the Thermal Energy Storage system
6. Increase the number of hours of operation
7. Minimize time for start ups and stops -scheduled and unscheduled-
8. Reduce O & M costs without losing reliability
9. Provide heat for mining operations located in their vicinity, thus improving the overall energy efficiency of the installation.

Other news

CEME1 Solar Plant receives green light from environmental authority

27 diciembre 2016

The Environmental Impact Assessment System publishes the favorable Environmental Resolution (RCA) of CEME1 Solar Plant

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